Votre instant coaching de 20 minutes dans votre club d'électrostimulation Miha Bodytec


Votre instant coaching de 20 minutes dans votre club d'électrostimulation Miha Bodytec

48 Grande rue Charles de Gaulle 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine



Tel : 06 26 81 12 33

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    Today, I did my test session with Enzo he is very nice and professional, and the lady at the reception is very nice I can not wait to start again 🙂 and especially to achieve my goals
    Very effective and contrary to what one might think, the session is sustained but pleasant. Good feelings. The personal coach is at our disposal and listening to us, which is a luxury! Very good value for money. It's awesome ! I recommend to everyone, athletes and non-athletes.
    Very convincing test session, the coach and the person at the reception are very nice. You feel at ease right away. I recommend this place!
    I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this method, even though it required almost no effort.It was very pleasant to feel his body well firmed up and then traced!Obviously the aches were there but I still have good memories.The team was professional at the top. I would have liked the session to last longer.I'm totally into for a free session 🤗Yours, Sana HABIBULLAH.
    Super center, very professional coach, and the results are spectacular.Thank you Amina for your welcome and your professionalism
    A follower of weight training rooms, I did my first session last week and I still have some aches.Good session and very nice coach.I recommend.
    For lazy people, this is the ideal sport! I go there every week for 20 minutes with my friend and we are already seeing the results. We are ready and serene for this summer thank you body hit !!!!
    Équipe très professionnelle.Mention spéciale pour le coach Cédric attentif et dynamique.
    Equipe au top. Mention spéciale pour Cédric, un coach attentif et dynamique.
    Super équipe !!! Coaching personnalisé par des pros